Woman beaten by two men after one used the women’s washroom

Two armed men beat and assault a woman in the latest bout of male sexual toilet domination over women’s human rights. Some men think that having a sexy-pass to the ladies room means that can beat and murder women.

Purple Sage

From ABC 7 News:

“Exclusive: Woman describes terrifying attack by two men outside Harlem bar

In an Eyewitness News exclusive, a woman is describing a terrifying incident in which she was attacked by two men outside a Harlem bar. The 52-year-old woman was beaten with a bat and slashed after what started as a minor disagreement escalated.

“This man’s trying to kill me,” said the woman named Carolyn. She may have been right. On a sidewalk in Harlem, a man was attacking her with a baseball bat.

“He hit me over several times with that bat and all I could think about was my head getting busted so I kept holding this arm up to protect my head,” she said.

That may have saved her life. The huge defensive bruises can still be seen on her arms. And there is a scar on her face, the…

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If full decriminalization will protect women in prostitution from these men… why do these men want it?

A Trick Of The Trade

     The Argument

The Nordic model? It won’t work. You can’t decriminalize women and girls but criminalize the men who buy sexual access to them. It drives prostitution underground and puts them at risk of violence. Decriminalize ALL aspects of the sex trade to protect women and girls against violence and exploitation.”

Human rights group Amnesty International is currently risking everything it stands for to endorse The Argument. But if The Argument is true, why do violent and exploitative men want decriminalization?


‘LikeRedHeads’ is the name used by a man on the Toronto Escort Review Boards (TERB). He has written over 1000 posts on the site, including reviews of the women he pays for.

He is John No.9 in The Invisible Men Project (Canada). [Read the full review here]

If the Nordic model would just facilitate him doing this to women, and full decriminalization would stop him – he must support the Nordic model. Right?


1. He petitioned against…

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Happy Pride!

Homophobia themed cotton ceiling March to demonize lesbians, straight/bi girls march in support of men wanting access to lesbians and forcing lesbians to consider straight sex.


Anti-lesbian Dyke Pride Marchers

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Socialization Matters: Why “Identity Libertarianism” is Failed Politics

Still rings true.

Liberation Collective


I want to explore what “woman” means when male-born persons can be “women” just the same as female-born persons.

Most significantly, the term “woman” must be disconnected from the socio-historic context that gives the term coherency in the first place. Without any material or experiential framework “woman’s” origin becomes irrelevant; she can be anything or nothing at all.

When male-born persons can be “women” just the same as female-born persons, the skin-deep veneer of social identity is being substituted for the complex, lifelong process of class-based socialization. This is neoliberal individualist choice-theory masquerading as the politics of liberation.

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OOPPS! SORRY BRO! I thought you were a woman! I see that you are a Male human with rights that deserves respect. If you were some bitch though, …….[This is what Male Privilege looks like]


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April 10, 2017 · 6:56 pm

Male Transgender/Transsexual Sexual Offenses and Violent Crimes List

oh yea, like it “never” happens

Wolf Woman of the Northern Woods

This post isn’t fully finished. Please feel free to leave any reports I haven’t listed, I know there are a lot more voyeurism cases I haven’t found yet. I will try to update with new reports.

Sexual assault/Violence statistics:











Bills only recently introduced to deal with non-consensual electric recordings and revenge porn: 

  1. http://www.dailydot.com/irl/federal-revenge-porn-bill-introduced/?tw=dd
  2. http://www.ksat.com/news/nbpd-frustrated-with-upskirting-loophole-in-texas-law-updated

Attacks/offenses directed specifically toward women and girls are highlighted in red.

Attacks/offenses made against both men and women highlighted in purple.

The rest either have male or unknown sex of the victims.

Some of the child abuse cases do not indicate the sex of the child. Some articles report male trans offenders as “women”, which makes it difficult for the general population to be aware of male trans violence, by obscuring male violence as female violence. Most of these crimes were committed by male transgender ‘women’, post-op transsexuals, or those who…

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Transgender Activist Dana Rivers Arrested for Brutal Murder of Lesbian Couple and Their Son

These men hate women and have a jealous type hate of lesbians.


Booking Photo (Alameda County Sheriff's Department) Booking Photo (Alameda County Sheriff’s Department)

Noted transgender activist Dana Rivers was arraigned Tuesday on charges of committing a brutal triple homicide in Oakland, California in the early hours of Friday, November 11. The victims have been identified as lesbian couple Patricia Wright and Charlotte Reed and their son Toto “Benny” Diambu-Wright.

Rivers allegedly stabbed and then shot the victims in their home, which he then set ablaze in an attempt to destroy evidence. Rivers was apprehended while attempting to flee the scene of the crime on Reed’s motorcycle. He was covered in their blood.

Police state Rivers made statements confessing to the crime. He was arraigned without bail on charges of triple homicide, arson of an inhabited dwelling, and possession of metal knuckles. He faces life without possibility of parole, and potential death sentence.

Rivers’ motive is unknown. The Mercury News reports: “Authorities have not released a motive but have…

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Fayetteville Goddess Festival BANS Lesbian Event

The Homophobic Man’s gender cult that polices woman’s gender gatherings, has shut down a homosexual female’s workshop out of homophobia.

Straight men were angry that there are actually gay females that wanted to meet.

Straight males were quoted saying, “but my penis is an inside out vagina”

Other straight white men declaired that Homosexual females are treating penis’d, adams appled- ball bearers like common immigrants, and dammit! They are White born males that deserve to be served lesbians, and have jacked-off to more lesbian porn than any lesbian alive!

The sausage fest will go on as planned.


Event Flyer

The Fayetteville Arkansas Goddess Festival BANNED a scheduled Lesbian event after men who identify as transwomen complained that female homosexuality excludes males. The BANNED event was ironically titled ‘The Disappearing L: Erasure of Lesbian Spaces and Culture’.

Description of Event, now deleted



Even the description of the event has been censored

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Women’s Marches Across the Globe: WLRN’s Edition 11 Podcast

Women’s Liberation Radio News

This is WLRN’s March 2nd edition covering the women’s marches that occurred all over the world on January 21st, 2017. Women took to the streets in the millions. It is a digest edition, a blanket, a weaving of what women do when we get together in our womanhood and sisterhood. Hear coverage of the marches from on-the-ground and in the streets of London, Madison, Seattle and DC. Hear comparisons of experiences at the different locations and analyses of this herstoric moment.

Featured music by Alix Dobkin & Bread and Roses, a group that sang Meredith Tax’s “Battle Hymn of the Women” in 1970.

Interviews with radical and lesbian feminists young and old! This is our most grassroots episode yet! Enjoy! And as always, please like, share and comment widely.

We are still hoping to get WLRN station shirts! Check out our t-shirt page and make a donation to WLRN today!…

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The miracle of twanzition—the before and after photos!

twanzphobic since forever


It’s a miracle!

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