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The Scarlet Alliance/Sex Worker Collective’s Misogyny. Why They Should Not Be funded.

What I have said all along, it is a trafficking and pimp-protection org with no real interest in protecting women in a dangerous job, it protects men’s right to buy & sell women in a brutal industry.


I have appropriated the pimp lobby’s red umbrella to fight for the Nordic Model.

Perhaps everyone who actually cares about women in prostitution can use this as a profile pic- although, I realise my creation is not very pretty. I have no sympathy for the Scarlet Alliance and the whole red umbrella collective crying how oppressed and stigmatised they are.  They never helped me, and as evidenced below, they never will help anyone trying to leave the industry. Too much money to be made trading in human beings. They are among the scum of the earth and treat prostituted women like shit. But don’t take my word for it- here are just the facts.

nordic model now

  “Evidence of SCARLET ALLIANCE’S opposition to Federal Government Policies to stem Human Trafficking


  1. Opposition to exit programs

Scarlet Alliance publicly opposes exit programs to support trafficked women wanting to leave the sex industry.[i]

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The “Friend Zone” is Bullshit, so Why Isn’t Prostitution?

Very insightful. 🙂

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What do women have to fear from men?

Ivelisse Berrios-Beguerisse was a cold-case for 23 years before it was announced that they found a match to her . She was a 20 year old newlywed that worked at the mall and just finished her shift. Berrios-Beguerisse had been working at a sports store in the mall in Sawgrass Mills for less than a month when she disappeared after a shift at 10:00 pm on Nov. 26, 1990. Chandler lived about a mile away.

She left with several co-workers who split up as they went to their cars.

Her car was found with the tires slashed in the parking lot. She left work at Sawgrass Mills and never made it home,The woman’s body was found [Nov. 27, 1990], dumped nude with evidence of ligature marks, raped/strangled in a Coral Springs’ residential neighborhood. The Broward Medical Examiner determined she had died of asphyxia via strangulation.

The odd thing is, her killer will never stand trial because he was executed for another rather large profile crime at the time. A man with a long history of sexual violence directed on women, yet this was another that flew under the radar and selected female tourists. A triple murder that was so gruesome, many people wanted to forget, but violence on women is extreme, serialized in our society in pop culture, and the problem must be pointed out to disarm tools and normalized practice of oppression, These compulsions do not grow from nothing, and He already had acquired a compulsion to rape and strangle females. A Mom with two female children was his most noted target.

In Febuary 2014 Coral Springs Police announced a positive match of Oba Chandler’s  DNA from her assault kit. Being incarcerated, his DNA was entered into a database.  When Ivelisse Berrios-Beguerisse cold case was being reviewed, her assault kit samples were encoded into the database and the match was found, 24 years after her murder. If Chandler were alive today, he would be charged with the strangulation death of Ivelisse Berrios-Beguerisse, police said..”

He was already executed for the triple murder of a mother and two female children.


Oba Chandler was convicted in 1994 for the murders of Joan Rogers[36] and her two daughters, Michelle[17] and Christe[14], that happened on 06/01/89 when he was 47 years old.

Two weeks before this incident,  Oba Chandler had lured a 24 year old Canadian tourist to his boat and tied her raped her. She did not report her rape, but came forward to testify at his trial.

When Ivelisse Berrios-Beguerisse  failed to come home, her husband of nine months, Bernardo Beguerisse, went to the mall and found her 1985 Ford Tempo with two slashed tires on the passenger side. He called police.

Nearly three hours later, around 1 a.m., her body was found with ligature marks on both wrists and ankles and brown packing tape stuck in her hair.

In the 1989 case, he escalated once again, from rapist into rapist/murderer for the case he would be most associated with, Rogers and her daughters were returning home to Ohio after a trip to Disney World when they crossed paths with Chandler. They had stopped to ask directions while searching for their motel. Chandler gave them directions to a Days Inn, then offered to take them on a sunset cruise on his boat that evening on Tampa Bay, according to trial records.

The police found the Roger’ car abandoned beside a boat ramp.

They were never seen alive again. Their bodies — bound, gagged and naked below the waist — were found floating in Tampa Bay three days later.

It took investigators three years to solve the case. Local officials posted billboards in the Tampa Bay area showing Chandler’s distinctive handwriting, found scribbled on a tourist brochure in Rogers’ car. That led to Chandler’s arrest in 1992.

At trial, prosecutors said Chandler had lured the trio to his boat, raped them and dumped them into the bay with concrete blocks tied around their necks. Chandler testified that he had given Rogers directions, but said he was out fishing alone the night of the killings.

A Canadian tourist testified that she had been raped by Chandler, an aluminum contractor at the time, under similar circumstances a few weeks before the murders. At trial, she testified that when she first met Chandler he offered to take her on a sunset cruise on his boat. Not fearing for her safety in the least, Blair accompanied Chandler on a ride through Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

While at sea, Chandler raped Blair. Blair testified that she believed he would have killed her had it not been for the fact that a friend was waiting for her back at the dock. It was theorised that he may have lured the Rogers family to the boat.

By examining other cold cases Oba Chandler may have been connected to, [including that of Terry Ann Gilchrist, 35, of Pompano Beach, found strangled in a field off Coral Ridge Drive north of Wiles Road on May 20, 1990], they may at last be closed.

In 2011, Chandler, at 65, was executed by lethal injection and yet more cold cases may be connected to him through the advancement of forensic technology.

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This is the man who was in women’s Locker room at Planet Fitness isn’t a member just a cross dressing man


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6′ 3″, 280 lb transwoman and martial arts expert punches woman when she questions his presence in the women’s bathroom. Woman loses 5 teeth and accrues $60,000 in medical expenses

These men are scary and violent. They want to make a stand for men’s right to rape and pedophilia rights, disgusting.

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On Planet Fitness and the question of judgment

Male sexual rights over women’s human right to safety wins out again. A sad form of dominating women in public spaces, I wold have screamed had I saw a naked male lounging around in the woman’s area. When Arrogant Men that want to publicly role-play they are women do this, are supporting the rights of male rapists & pedophiles that want to enter these spaces to look for victims.


My parents worked hard to instill good judgment in me, because kids are born with no judgment at all: I will put this cigarette butt in my mouth! I refuse to wear a jacket in winter! Watch me climb up on the roof and jump off into a pile of sofa pillows I have arranged on the lawn for this purpose!

Judgment – a complex function of the brain’s frontal lobe that includes risk assessment, long-range planning, the determination of similarities and differences between things and events, and an understanding of future consequences resulting from present actions – doesn’t fully develop in humans until our mid-20s. Remember the crazy noises AOL made when you tried to get online in 1997? How you couldn’t be on the phone AND the Internet at the same time? That’s what we’re like! Attempting to connect. Page loading. Page failed to load.

Good judgment is…

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The Woman’s side of things

General notes:

I am female, a human all the same, but of a different verity. Gender is really a system of oppression, focused on women . I have discovered that, it was not an illusion, or misconception.

Being born female automatically puts you in a caste of second class citizen of the world.   I don’t have as much power approaching things as a man, although I am formally informed I have the right to in first world nations: All the oppressive sexism that still exists, is enforceable by males projected on women in the name of tradition, religion, normalized male social domination of women and violence.

I remember first recognizing it, adults made fun of me, and mimicked my disgust as a child when I openly pointed out this unfair paradox. I wondered why male children were not discouraged and teased in the way female children were. I wonder if male children with female siblings felt the sense of imbalance and sexism.  You get a sense of things being wrong when you brother gets a toy airplane, and you get a toy iron. Yea right, like being a happy servant ironing clothes beats the hell out of a future of flying an airplane. That is gender grooming. Females are constantly groomed into servant roles from early on. If I were a boy, I would be reassured my correct observation was validated. But lack of a penis is no logical reason to dismiss observations of one child over another. It would be considered abusive to do this to sibling brothers, and called ‘playing your children off each other.’ or even straight out ‘neglect’ abuse. -yet common sense runs out when the other child happens to be female, and the neglect of nurturing female equality to outside interests as humans has undergone normalizing the idea that females are less important than male children.

What is internalized misogyny? Men like to hurt women when they feel bad about themselves. Women hurt themselves when they are not allowed to defend themselves and have given up. Either way, the woman loses.


White Feminism?? Being White does not save you from high murder rate of domestic violence.

White males often cry that white women have privilege despite their 2nd class status, but women of all colors are victims of domestic and male on female violence.


222 females were murdered by males in Texas in 2010 The homicide rate among females murdered by males in Texas was 1.75 per 100,000 in 2010 Ranked 6th in the United States Age For homicides in which the age of the victim was reported (208 homicides), 18 female homicide victims (9 percent) were less than 18 years old and 18 victims (9 percent) were 65 years of age or older. The average age was 39 years old.


Out of 222 female homicide victims, 3 were Asian or Pacific Islander, 61 were black, and 158 were white. Most Common Weapons For homicides in which the weapon used could be identified, 56 percent of female victims (118 out of 210) were shot and killed with guns. Of these, 77 percent (91 victims) were killed with handguns. There were 39 females killed with knives or other cutting instruments, 10 females killed by a blunt object, and 33 females killed by bodily force. Victim/Offender Relationship For homicides in which the victim to offender relationship could be identified, 89 percent of female victims (192 out of 215) were murdered by someone they knew.

Might I add that Good ole white boys love their guns, and I would not be surprised if many of the black women killed had white boyfriends, crazy shit in texas, careful ladies.

Twenty-three female victims were killed by strangers, 71 percent (122 homicides) involved arguments between the victim and the offender.

Women killed for not obeying men?  😦  and here I thought we were equal.

Tennessee 62 females were murdered by males in Tennessee in 2010

The average age was 40 years old.

Race Out of 62 female homicide victims,

1 was Asian or Pacific Islander,

16 were black, and

45 were white.

Although Domestic violence deaths number four a day in the USA, reporting domestic violence is often non-platformed by law enforcement and put in the lowest priority as a crime. The problem with being a white woman is that white men feel entitled to kill women for disagreeing/leaving them/not obeying and other men agree with them.

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