The Scarlet Alliance/Sex Worker Collective’s Misogyny. Why They Should Not Be funded.

What I have said all along, it is a trafficking and pimp-protection org with no real interest in protecting women in a dangerous job, it protects men’s right to buy & sell women in a brutal industry.


I have appropriated the pimp lobby’s red umbrella to fight for the Nordic Model.

Perhaps everyone who actually cares about women in prostitution can use this as a profile pic- although, I realise my creation is not very pretty. I have no sympathy for the Scarlet Alliance and the whole red umbrella collective crying how oppressed and stigmatised they are.  They never helped me, and as evidenced below, they never will help anyone trying to leave the industry. Too much money to be made trading in human beings. They are among the scum of the earth and treat prostituted women like shit. But don’t take my word for it- here are just the facts.

nordic model now

  “Evidence of SCARLET ALLIANCE’S opposition to Federal Government Policies to stem Human Trafficking


  1. Opposition to exit programs

Scarlet Alliance publicly opposes exit programs to support trafficked women wanting to leave the sex industry.[i]

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2 responses to “The Scarlet Alliance/Sex Worker Collective’s Misogyny. Why They Should Not Be funded.

  1. Hi there – I found your blog because you liked one of my comments.

    Wow, I had no idea. How can they even claim to be a lobby for prostituted women if they’re fighting for men’s right to rape?

    Here’s my comment on the original post:

    “The Scarlet Alliance is opposed to criminalisation of intentionally, knowingly or recklessly obtaining sexual services from trafficked women.”

    You mean they are opposed to criminalisation of rape? Interesting, one should think that’d be already covered by existing laws? Why does it make a difference whether the rape victim was enslaved and imprisoned prior to the rape?

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    • Prostitution is a form of slavery and a primary obstacle to women’s wage equality. Men often use the excuse that women don’t need to be paid the same as men- because they can always become prostitutes. and this is where gender inequality shows its face and you can kind of see where it is drug induced slavery on women as a class to keep them poor, out of jobs- men believe only men deserve to have-


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