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Some thoughts on MichFest



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Owing to the extreme generosity of a dear friend, my wife and I will be able to attend MichFest this year. My wife has attended before, but for me, it will be the first, and – as it turns out – last time to visit the land.

All I know about MichFest is what I’ve heard from others who’ve attended before. Most are rendered unable to articulate the experience adequately. “It’s just . . .” women often say. “It’s hard to describe . . . you have to be there.”

Because there are no words, there is no language, I suppose, for what it feels like as a female human being to exist for six days among other female human beings, to celebrate our existence, to talk to one another without protecting the delicate male ego, to exist outside of the male gaze, to walk in the dark without fear…

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Lucinda Leeanne Bodsworth & La Maison Rosewood @MidlandON @jmdthompson @MidlandMirror (Canada)

Men don’t belong in DV shelters for women. Men don’t get sexually abused as adults like women do, this kind of sexual harassment and apology for rape must be addressed before more women are victimized Go get your porn somewhere else.

Gender Identity Watch


Lucinda Leeanne Bodsworth is a Man (pictured above and below from his Facebook page) who recently duped the Canadian newspaper Midland Mirror into writing a story about how he was kicked out of a Women’s homeless shelter because he is a man.

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