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Sisterhood is still powerful


by Rosie Redstockings


It all started when Owen Jones, being a bell end, wrote a really offensive article in The Guardian. He was responding to the news that MP Simon Danczuk had been caught watching hardcore pornography and, being a bell end, Jones argued that Danczuk had done nothing more than show himself to be “a human being with flaws”. “Why should we care?” asked the bell end, since after all “it’s the political flaws that matter”, and the sexual exploitation of women is not, it seems, a political issue.

It was infuriating. Jones was rightly criticised by many feminists on twitter, and was so angry that they had the nerve to criticise HIM, darling of the lefty media, he ended up accusing lesbians of being homophobes, and feminists of being right wing religious fundamentalists. Right. Thanks dude. I’m not here to go over the rights and…

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Lesbian Love story themed Music Video was Banned from live performance in Singapore

Taiwanese mega-star Jolin Tsai kisses actress Ruby Lin in new music video


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Genderism, trans theory and the hostility towards radical feminism.

The Prime Directive

UPDATE: The comments section is closed due to this entry being linked to r/TheRedPill. Thanks for nothing, you little shits.


Above: An image from “Artists Against Misandry,” now shut down.

Also see previous entries in this series:
The confusion between sex and gender.
How not to prove the objective existence of gender.

First, what is genderism? It can be used in the same sense as “sexism” and “racism.” And indeed that is how it’s mostly been used. But in this case I mean it in the colloquial sense of people who enforce gender roles. An Australian named Tosson Mahmoud claims he invented this use of the term genderism, although he uses it to fight against “the virus of feminism.”

The concept of genderism, as used in feminism, is usually defined as the belief that certain behavioral preferences are caused by a person’s sex, in general that one’s gender is…

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Women that don’t want to date Autogynophilic Men -need to be punished, according to Autogynophilic men.

This is Aimed at Lesbians that don’t want to have sex with men.

Here is the workshop sponsored by Planned Parenthood designed to help guys sleep with lesbians, cause- ‘rape culture’ and the belief that women are not really gay if they find the right dick..and these guys don’t want to date each other, they figure they will just date lesbians, and force them not to be gay anymore.


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A linguistic analysis of ‘woman’

Purple Sage

What is a woman? Until recently, the word woman has unambiguously meant an adult human female, where female means the sex that produces ova and can bear young. But males are now being called ‘woman’ too. The word woman has been expanded to mean either an adult human female, or an adult human male who would like to be referred to as female. The only way that males can be called ‘woman’ is if ‘woman’ is a social category to which anyone can belong rather than a biological category based on observable criteria. However, even if ‘woman’ is a social category to which anyone can belong, we still need to define what is meant by ‘woman,’ in order to understand who is included in this category. We can change the meanings of words, but we still need to agree on what they mean in order to communicate effectively.

It is…

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Doctors, got a “gender expansive” middle-school patient? Don’t be a gatekeeper!

Who are the gate keepers of gay & lesbian youth?= [tr/m]ans activists


Yesterday on Tumblr, I posted a piece critical of PFLAG, the organization that used to advocate for lesbian, gay, and bisexual people and their parents. Like most formerly LGB groups, they have now been absorbed into the media and activist lobbyfor the transgender community.

Onecommenter took me to task, assuring me that there is plenty of support for lesbian and gay youth and their parents, and that it is fit and proper that those support organizations expandtheir mission to include trans and “genderqueer” advocacy.

But while support and visibilityfor “vanilla” lesbian youth and their parents has withered away, there is a large network of US organizations whichhave sprungup in support of (among other things) the medical transition of children and adolescents. In fact, there are so many of these pro-trans organizations that I could write a post a day on each one, and still not be finished in 2months…

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Sssh! Don’t Say Narcissist!

Ladywithatruck's Blog

From my experience, the fastest way to clear a room or kill a conversation is to say you were involved with a narcissist.

Has anyone else had that experience? You can be talking about domestic abuse, you can talk about men who hit women, it makes people shuffle their feet or squirm in their seats, but mention the word narcissist and people will literally start looking for the exit sign.

It is akin to having Tourette’s and shouting out an F bomb in the middle of church or something. I had it happen shortly after I met the woman next door; she works in social services, been abused herself and helped many victims of abuse so I thought she would relate to the devastation they cause. I mentioned her ex sounded like a narcissist and she got obviously uncomfortable and defended him or minimized the abuse, it was the strangest…

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62 Percent of Military Sex Assault Reports Result in Retaliation

Atasteofcreole's Blog

Military personnel who report rape and sexual assault are 12 times more likely to face retaliation than see their attacker convicted, according to a new report released Monday by Human Rights Watch, which interviewed roughly 150 current and recently retired service members who reported sexual assault.

The 118-page report found 62 percent said they faced retaliation after they made their report, listing examples ranging from threats and vandalism to discharges and criminal charges.

One of the women interviewed was Lt. Col. Teresa James, the highest ranking officer to come forward with a rape claim in the National Guard, according to a recent report by the Guard. The News4 I-Team first brought you her story when she said she believes her 34-year military career with the West Virginia National Guard was destroyed after she reported her rape.

Lt. Col. James attended the news conference and told the…

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Men that pretend to be women Don’t want women to be safe from rape


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Your feminism vs. my feminism

‘Woman of the year’

Liberal feminism=let men sexualize themselves in the image of women, and play along when they start campaigns to lower the age of consent, vote against women’s issues, or they are men speaking for women when they try to encode into law that women decide to traffic  themselves into prostitution ‘as a ‘womans’ right  or you are a mean turf. No woman deserves to be women of the year, women don’t exist. Both categories belong to men, you are expected to clap.

 Liberal feminism= The highest paid woman is a man. Now companies that do not want any women in upper management can get around fair hiring practices meant to protect women from being underpaid, which so far, no large company really follows anyway

Gender Is War

your feminism my feminism

Your feminism = liberal feminism

My feminism = radical feminism

Radical feminism > liberal feminism.

Liberal vs Radical: Discuss.

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