Andrea James: Keep your “transgender” or any other kids away from this dude

Andrea James’ nonpology to pedo sexual attacks on Bailey’s children,
A real example of Autogynophiliac shame and rage directed on Michael-Bailey and his young children after:

It is not a normal reaction to take photos of someone’s kids and cut the eyes out, post it online, and call someone’s children ‘cock-starved’ or ‘womb-turd’.

Women need safe areas to raise children and should not have to navigate past dangerous men every time their kid has to pee. There is clearly a child endangerment issue, as well as a sexual assault risk, should a woman be caught in a restroom alone with one of these guys that have publicly called someone’s children ‘cock-starved’ and perhaps may view all children that way..

Men are aggressive about sex. Women and women with children do not want to bear the brunt of aggression/violence for these guys with sexual problems.

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James E. Mead/Andrea James

Those who follow trends in gender, and even some casual readers will be well familiar with transgender activist Andrea James. A graduate of men’s-only Wabash College (which describes it’s mission as teaching males “The Gentleman’s Rule”), James E. Mead rode to fame in the genderist community in 1996 after undergoing and championing a series of radical facial cosmetic surgical procedures in an ongoing plastic surgery diary called TS Roadmap. James was the first autosexual genderist man to promote the surgical ideal of inserting a female-looking face on a male skull and body. He helped popularize these surgeries – now known as “facial feminization surgery”- among gendersexual/autogynephillic men. James helped spur the gendersexual trend away from genital surgeries and toward facial surgeries: which help the men who derive stimulation from imagining themselves inhabiting an approximation of a sexualized female body to achieve a “face passing as female”…

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