Mug Shots: Transgender “Johns”

Transgender johns?
Of course there are. Odd that 1% of the population has such a high sex crime rate, but not when you understand a porn addiction that is out of control.

More propaganda shit to explain away male porn addictions.

This writer has shame that men are being arrested for soliciting -and trys to explain Men in dresses an magical unicorns that never break the law, but we know that criminals are criminals, and men that buy ‘rape’ are men that objectify women to the point, they buy them for sex, put on ‘woman’ and drift into a sexfantasy, that only a real man understands.

This is where you see a lot of narcissistic shame, as this person desperately try’s to explain away the high rate of  crime and male sexual rituals.

Police know men and women offend differently, are the myth of men turning into women becomes really clear when the men try to blame actual women who are poor and there by no choice- for the problem of prostitution instead of the buyer, that even in a dress does the ‘male thing’.

This also does not address Trans pimps, which exist.


This is the second in a series of articles regarding a policy of the Chicago Police Department (CPD), in conjunction with the Mayor’s office, to make publicly available (online for 30 days) mug shots of all individuals who have been arrested (not convicted) for patronizing or soliciting for prostitution. Part One: The Public Shaming of “Johns”

When we first began examining Chicago “mug shot” data, something caught our attention: a disproportionate number of transgender individuals are apparently being arrested for patronizing or soliciting for prostitution. These individuals are designated as male (actually, only men are on the website) but appear fairly definitively dressed as women in their mug shots.

This sparked our interest and provoked some questions. What proportion of those arrested are transgender and why do so many transgender individuals appear on the website?

To answer these questions (and many others), we began a systematic categorization of the mug shot subjects…

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