Your feminism vs. my feminism

‘Woman of the year’

Liberal feminism=let men sexualize themselves in the image of women, and play along when they start campaigns to lower the age of consent, vote against women’s issues, or they are men speaking for women when they try to encode into law that women decide to traffic  themselves into prostitution ‘as a ‘womans’ right  or you are a mean turf. No woman deserves to be women of the year, women don’t exist. Both categories belong to men, you are expected to clap.

 Liberal feminism= The highest paid woman is a man. Now companies that do not want any women in upper management can get around fair hiring practices meant to protect women from being underpaid, which so far, no large company really follows anyway

Gender Is War

your feminism my feminism

Your feminism = liberal feminism

My feminism = radical feminism

Radical feminism > liberal feminism.

Liberal vs Radical: Discuss.

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3 responses to “Your feminism vs. my feminism

  1. I should add that a man getting a regular CEO male salary’, is in no way a high paid female. This erases actual women from public life -like a modern social burka that forces women into a third class, while men that don’t want to compete with men, get to compete against women with what little they have and use male privilege to access services set aside for women.


  2. I remember with great distress when this New Yorker cover came out… I did some research and found that Rothblatt was behind the hoopla, describing herself as the “highest paid female CEO”. I wrote then, and will say it again, that Rothblatt is politically tone deaf. Seriously? Seriously? Rothblatt transitioned after decades of straight white male privilege… Seriously, married w/ children… and then suddenly the great female CEO? Perhaps other women should emulate Rothblatt’s example? Try getting to that level of money and privilege as a woman since birth (or a clearly queer person since birth).

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  3. Gender privilege might have indeed played a big role in Rothblatt’s life but the fact that Rothblatt comes from a very wealthy family surely plays an even bigger role.

    Gender inequality is just *one* of the inequalities of our country, then we have racial inequality and social inequality, the latter being the one with the biggest impact: people with a lot of money have all doors open in front of them, including changing “gender”, being “the highest paid female CEO”, and having your wife stay with you no matter how ridiculous you look as a “woman”.


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