Sssh! Don’t Say Narcissist!

Ladywithatruck's Blog

From my experience, the fastest way to clear a room or kill a conversation is to say you were involved with a narcissist.

Has anyone else had that experience? You can be talking about domestic abuse, you can talk about men who hit women, it makes people shuffle their feet or squirm in their seats, but mention the word narcissist and people will literally start looking for the exit sign.

It is akin to having Tourette’s and shouting out an F bomb in the middle of church or something. I had it happen shortly after I met the woman next door; she works in social services, been abused herself and helped many victims of abuse so I thought she would relate to the devastation they cause. I mentioned her ex sounded like a narcissist and she got obviously uncomfortable and defended him or minimized the abuse, it was the strangest…

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