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Some thoughts on skipping Pride this year

It use to be dyke march,
now it is Dick march. It is a complete sausage fest.

I would not be surprised if Bruce Jenner camera-whored his way there and made an appearance to pick up an award..

Purple Sage

I’ve been going to Pride for many years and really loving it. Sure, the festival has become more corporate-sponsored and less political all the time, but I still enjoyed being in a group of gay people announcing to the world that we are proud of who we are. This year I didn’t go, because Pride is no longer about gay and lesbian people. Pride is about trans people and the gays and lesbians are secondary.

For the last couple of years I’ve been reading blog posts by lesbians in different cities, in different countries, who are actually bullied by Pride organizers. We are told we have to accept trans women in lesbian spaces, and if we don’t, we are bigots. When we protest our comments are deleted and we are harassed. It’s gotten to the point now where I don’t believe that Dyke Marches are actually for dykes anymore, and I…

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– “Prostitution and human trafficking cannot be separated” (Interview with Manfred Paulus)

“Prostitution and human trafficking cannot be separated”
(Interview with Manfred Paulus)


Manfred Paul knows the red light milieu very well. For more than 30 years, he was in charge of prostitution and trafficking in women as head of a criminal inspection unit in Ulm. Even before his retirement, the EU sent him as an expert into the “recruitment countries” of the women who end up in German brothels, model apartments and walking the streets. Paulus researched from Belarus to Romania the paths used to bring sold women to Germany.
The SPD emphasizes that one must distinguish between prostitution and human trafficking.
In Germany we now have up to 100 percent of women imported from abroad for prostitution. It should be clear that a Belarusian woman from the Chernobyl area or a Roma from the ghetto in Romania can never make her way alone to Germany to work in prostitution. They…

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Lost without translation

language: a feminist guide

In Melbourne in 2007, Marzieh Rahimi, a 33-year Dari-speaking woman who had come to Australia as a refugee from Afghanistan, was killed by her husband Soltan Azizi. He had a history of violence towards her, and before her death she had made two calls to the emergency services. But her English was very limited, and the operator could not understand her. In the end she hung up. No attempt was made to call her back, and no assistance was dispatched.

Being unable to get help in an emergency was not the only problem Marzieh Rahimi had faced because of her lack of proficiency in English. Although she had talked to social services through an interpreter, her sister, who had spoken to her by phone from the USA, later testified that Marzieh had felt unsupported. The couple lived in an area where there were few other Dari speakers, so being unable…

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“Did sissy porn make me trans?”

Transgender Reality

Many people who come to think of themselves as transgender, start out watching large amounts of pornography. Two of the most common types are called “sissy porn” and “forced feminization” or “forced sissification”.  Some of these types of porn have “hypno” videos where the viewer is supposed to be “hypnotized” into becoming a woman. One popular site has the following text next to one of the videos:

You love cum. You want to be a girl. Being girly is what you really want. Admit to yourself that you are a girl and go ahead and do something about it. The world is different now. Being openly sissy is acceptable. The number of sissies globally is amazing and growing all the time. Forget about being a man. Embrace the real you. You are a sissy bimbo cumslut. You know you cannot settle with just one cock. You have to…

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The REAL gender pay gap

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If Sex is Just Another Job, at Least Be Consistent

We should get the L out of there, they do not support females’ human equality and silence female victims of prostitution. This is a men’s sex cult.

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Schrodinger’s trans: sexual fetish or transgender

Transgender Reality

Being transgender is often portrayed as having some sort of essence of the opposite sex, being the opposite sex in the mind or brain. We are also told that “gender identity” has nothing to do with sexuality. Why is it then, that there are so many people for whom being seen as a woman is sexually gratifying and stimulating?

This person likes airing their penis in women’s dressing rooms:

uncovered penis

This person feels aroused at the thought of being female, while at the same time disliking women because “they were the center of attention”. He’s unsure whether he’s trans or not.


This person has a “transformation fetish“:


This charming person, who we’ve already seen in a previous post, is “completely a boy” in his head, because he likes video games and cars, but he wants a female body so that he can be “dominated and fucked in bed“:

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“I am a woman now, but I really hate women sometimes”

Transgender Reality

We’ve seen before in this blog that it’s not uncommon for transgender people, especially those wanting to transition to female, to be jealous and angry at women, for having what they desperately want. Sometimes, it gets ugly.

I am a woman now, but I really hate women sometimes“, this commenter confesses:


Another commenter in the same thread reports violating his sister’s privacy while she was asleep, in order to “know what my body should have looked like”.


Does the jealousy ever go away“, asks this poster, who admits that his “lust for girls is comletely intertwined with jealousy”:


One commenter chimes in, saying no, it actually got worse.


But maybe that’s just part of being a woman, after all, according to this commenter, “normal women are HIGHLY judgmental“:

womenhateThis poster hates a 23 year old woman for having the life he always wanted, with…

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Neuroplasticity: the gaping logic hole in the transgender house of cards


One of the key discoveries of neuroscience in the late 20th and early 21st centuries is the extraordinary malleability of the human brain throughout the life span.  Neuroplasticity—the ability of even an adult brain to change firing patterns and regenerate neurons in response to experience—is yet another aspect of settled human knowledge that is being ignored in the rush to diagnose children and adolescents as transgender and in need of medical intervention.

But you don’t even need the latest findings in neuroscience to poke a giant hole in transactivist logic. Long before scientists established that adult brains are so malleable, it has been known that kids’ brains are far more neuroplastic than those of adults. It’s why a child can recover near total function after a brain injury or stroke in a way an adult cannot. It’s why kids become fluent in multiple languages with no “foreign”…

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Narcissism: An Illustrated Guide

So true.

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