Giant Man stabs other big man 72 times while fantasizing he is a woman being raped

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The huge guy on the right is the one that was dysmorphic enough to believe he would be a target with his huge size. It is known that Children and small females are the victim of choice by offenders.

Matthew “Maddie” Smith took the witness stand Thursday to describe the events that led him to stab a man 72 times.

Smith is on trial for murder in the stabbing death of Eric Schreiber, 39 of Villa Hills on New Year’s Day 2014.

Smith, 26, a man that has id’ as trans for the last four years- from Crescent Springs, claims he killed Schreiber in self-defense.

The first two days of Smith’s trial, the prosecution presented evidence that Smith had a vendetta against Schreiber and had made threats. The defense began its case Thursday and called Smith to the stand as its first witness.

Smith had befriended Schreiber’s stepdaughter while the two worked at Citibank. Smith talked on the stand about his transition over the past four years from male to male in a dress, and how his friends and family supported him. Schreiber’s family welcomed her with open arms, he said.

“Never in my life have I met with a more accepting group of people,” Smith said.

So why did she stab her friend’s stepfather 72 times? Smith said she feared Schreiber would rape him, a giant man over 200+ lbs capable of stabbing other grown men to death.

I think someone used the wrong pronoun in front of a cult member. or he was cis-scum



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4 responses to “Giant Man stabs other big man 72 times while fantasizing he is a woman being raped

  1. stchauvinism

    Reblogged this on Stop Trans Chauvinism.


  2. Simply cannot wait to find out what the verdict is on this case. 72 stab wounds? OK, take a stick and stab a pillow 72 times. See how long it takes you. And now think that you are pushing that knife into and having to remove it from a struggling, bleeding human being. Tell me that any real woman would not be put to death or life in prison in a hot second for doing this exact same crime. Then call me a TERF or a bigot for not wanting this guy in any space that should be safe and private for real women.

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  3. australopithecene

    Men like this shouldn’t be in women’s prisons


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