Gendering women into the social servant class, time to give the second wave, a second look

Women are oppressed as a class, even the best states have better hidden problems for women escaping poverty, escaping male violence or living a life without any dependence on males.

An article that address women’s oppression was posted in the ‘home’ section. I guess that is the ‘new’ women’s section, when you don’t feel like reading porn.

Although, I was thrilled to read this, when I read the article on the best places for women to live, only cherrypicked factoids could be offered, It was like this was a Juvenal fluff article that offered no real hope that could only be offered to women while they are still children, teens, or planning on giving birth. New York? The highest murder rate of black women by domestic violence is in that state. White women ain’t far behind, and they refuse to include any Latina women in DV stats for mainland USA.

The ‘worst’ states’ article addresses the real problems this writer most likely ran across when looking for the best states for women to live in, however, it’s medical provisions are based mostly on the “you must ‘breed’ model- in which you are expected to ‘pair’ with a male, and does not discuss management or  higher careers than entry level jobs. What about women professionals? Not very hopeful stats worth publishing I imagine.

The best state a woman can hope for is freedom from these created problems and difficulties- that are ‘gendered’ on to women to direct them to ‘breed’,  ‘pair’ and ‘follow’- .

plenty of nice amenities for girls that compares to the care boys receive, but it cuts off at ‘breeding age,’ and sexual classicism sets in making obstacles pointing women to ‘breed’ and ‘pair’, rather than encouraging women trying to build an independent life, and not dependent on men for care. I am sure straight and Bi women would still date men if they are independent of them, they can even be more choosy and meet better quality men-but the men seem to fear women’s independence more than anything. I am happy they followed up with this article this morning.

Women without an ivy league education may rely on renting themselves to adult trades when they are young thinking they are funding their independence, and they can become equal with men through a subservient trade based on pleasing them- but many women begin to earn less than minimum wage in adult industries after their ‘managers’ take their cut, and ‘give’ them free party materials. And many women in the biz 10+years -lose most their good business at 30. We need Equal pay for equal jobs. Regular jobs, that allow women to join humanity, not be the disposable entertainment. There is a real liberal push to put men in charge of buying and selling women and distracting them with drugs. Men want to control women. Media and television often display pornographic control of women as a male right,

Hiring men that identify as women, so you can circumvent paying a woman the same salary to keep them in the servant class, will not fly with adult women.


The 15 worst states for women


Maternity leave, birth control access, unequal pay and treatment in the workplace, sexual assault,catcalling on the streets, threats of violence for -gasp- talking about feminism in video games online: Women are grappling with a number of headline-grabbing issues these days.

But in Arkansas, where 1 woman in 5 lives below the poverty line, where few women own businesses and where barely half of women vote, the problems are worse than anywhere else in the U.S., according to WalletHub. (Related: Click here to see the 15 best states for women.)

It ranked states based on women’s economic and social well-being (taking into account such data as median earnings, unemployment and poverty) as well as on women’s health issues (such as life expectancy at birth and the proportion of uninsured women). WalletHub’s state rankings for working moms, for having a baby, and for women’s equality were also a factor.

Here are the worst 15 states for women in America as ranked by WalletHub (with No. 1 being the worst of all):


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One response to “Gendering women into the social servant class, time to give the second wave, a second look

  1. endlessleeper

    “Regular jobs, that allow women to join humanity, not be the disposable entertainment” YES! this especially includes things like innovative healthcare (i.e not drugs and surgery endlessly, and obviously NO MEN involved at all, even in the smallest ways) arts, writing, performance, music, innovative architecture, ecologically sound food growing (including community gardens everywhere and food growing wild so women/girls could forage)…in a world where women’s work was properly valued, we would never worry about anything and we would spin and spiral off each other’s talents and work. i bet after a few years or maybe even months of this, we wouldn’t even have the money system. our work would become integrated into our independent, autonomous lives and we would always be energized, creative, nurtured, inspired, loved, and supported.
    excellent post, anywoman2. thank you : )

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