Some thoughts on skipping Pride this year

It use to be dyke march,
now it is Dick march. It is a complete sausage fest.

I would not be surprised if Bruce Jenner camera-whored his way there and made an appearance to pick up an award..

Purple Sage

I’ve been going to Pride for many years and really loving it. Sure, the festival has become more corporate-sponsored and less political all the time, but I still enjoyed being in a group of gay people announcing to the world that we are proud of who we are. This year I didn’t go, because Pride is no longer about gay and lesbian people. Pride is about trans people and the gays and lesbians are secondary.

For the last couple of years I’ve been reading blog posts by lesbians in different cities, in different countries, who are actually bullied by Pride organizers. We are told we have to accept trans women in lesbian spaces, and if we don’t, we are bigots. When we protest our comments are deleted and we are harassed. It’s gotten to the point now where I don’t believe that Dyke Marches are actually for dykes anymore, and I…

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