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One psychologist who gets it: “Trans” kids and their parents deserve better

A must read,


What of the gender variant child whose social environment both accepts and encourages an early transition but may be unaware that the child, unwilling to disappoint, has had a change of heart ?Jack Drescher, MD, quoting Cohen-Kettenis, personal communication, in the introduction to this special issue

The Journal of Homosexuality published a 300-page special issue on childhood gender dysphoria in March 2012. It contains articles by several well known “gender specialists,” including Norman Spack, Kenneth Zucker, Jack Drescher, Diane Ehrensaft and others. These providers discuss their own clinical practice and experiences, informed by their viewpoints–and biases–about “trans” kids.

But of most interest to me is a piece by clinical psychologist David Schwartz, PhD., who is not a gender specialist himself, but knowledgeable about child psychology and the dynamics of family therapy. In his aptly named “Listening to Children Imagining Gender: Observing the Inflation of an Idea,” Schwartz critically and compassionately analyzes three of the other articles in the issue, focusing…

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“Just tell her to shut the fuck up”

Transgender Reality

One of the ways in which cultlike behavior is especially striking in the online trans community is the way they encourage people to cut off contact with friends and family that do not agree with 100% of their ideology.

This poster’s mother has pointed out that if he goes through with transition, he might end up looking like neither male nor female.What should he do? Slap her.


Someone apparently disagrees, but their comment was deleted. We can still see the replies though:


Slapping someone for questioning your decisions is self-defense.

Other suggestions: Tell her to “shut the fuck up”:


Another poster posts a letter his father wrote him after he came out as transgender. The father expresses concerns that the transgender thoughts may have come from the poster’s therapist or from his friends, and warns him about making such a drastic change. He also tells the poster that he loves him and wants…

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The Advocate publishes hit piece aimed at gender critics


Today, Dawn Ennis of The Advocate posted a long piece attempting to take down critics of pediatric medical transition. My blog is linked on page 2, with an excerpt from an email thread that took place between Ennis and me:

“Yes, I DO support Mark’s efforts to shine a light on the current trend to transition kids. Please read my blog, because I’ve written extensively about it. I don’t particularly agree with his approach sometimes, which too often ends up in vicious Facebook wars. But his heart is in the right place — and you can quote me on that.

You really have no idea how much people who question the dominant trans paradigm are vilified and harassed. … We have to protect our CHILDREN’s anonymity. We can’t afford to have their identities exposed — unlike the parents who are making tons of money parading the children they are sterilizing before…

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Join us!

Radfem Repost

For forty years, the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival has welcomed all womyn home. The Festival has been a bedrock of lesbian culture, feminist vision, and womyn’s liberty. This is the Festival’s final year.

A sister event is taking place online to support MichFest and radical feminism everywhere. During the week of Festival, August 4-9, 2015, RadFem Repost will be publishing radical feminist essays and then signal boosting them across the internet.

We are looking for writers, bloggers, and tweeters who want to help make a small explosion of feminist revolution happen in August 2015.

We will never give up the fight! Email if you want to join!

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Munchausen by proxy, medical child abuse and paraphilic fantasy in mainstream transgenderismi

Must read:

The truth about AUTOGYNEPHILIA

phrenology Phrenology. This is what transgenderists actually believe.

You have probably seen many news stories in recent years about young children who are supposedly “transgender” — little girls who want to have short hair and play with trucks; little boys who want to have long hair and play with dolls. Instead of just letting them do this, parents of such children these days coercively program them with the belief that they “really are” the other sex. The parents take their increasingly-confused kids to specialized “gender clinics” where depraved “doctors” confirm a diagnosis of “gender dysphoria” — the little boy supposedly has a “female gender identity,” or vice-versa. Together, and without the child’s mature consent, the parents and doctors begin planning out the child’s “puberty suppression” with experimental drugs, soon to be followed by a range of major surgeries and a lifelong regimen of dangerous hormones. In other words, a shattered body…

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Turkish police spray rainbow flag activists with hose, accidentally creating huge rainbow…

Statement given by police after creating a huge rainbow by mistake:

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Femicide census: profil of women killed by men

the pdf is in english


Si è tenuto a Londra il 12 febbraio 2015 un convegno sul femicidio al quale siamo state invitate da un importante azienda che ha sostenuto la ricerca sulle donne uccise in Inghilterra e Wales.

Il convegno ha presentato i risultati di 5 anndi femminicidi inglesi, dati finora mancanti, e come in Italia viene fatta da un associazione di donne, e non dallo stato con un osservatorio ufficiale istituzionale.


Importante intervento di Jill Radford, co-autrice con Diana Russel, del ormai classico studio Femicide, the politics of Killing women, pubblicato gratuitamente on-line.

Altro importante contributo di Hillary Fisher, di Women’s Aid, che spiega il complesso database e come in questi anni sono riuscite a lavorare con le due aziende, Freshfield e Deloitte, tenendo sempre presente la protezione delle donne e una sensibilizzazione della cultura che legittima la violenza contro le donne.

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Trafficked women inside Italy may face ‘state sanctioned’ exploitation

Trafficked women inside Italy may face ‘state sanctioned’ exploitation.

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National Director Simone Watson…Nordic Model Australia Coalition
07.07.15 9:48 am

Human Rights and Womens groups along with Survivors have been outraged over the continued attempt by Amnesty International to rail road through their policy on prostitution after being exposed for failing to properly consult with their international membership base and stakeholders.

The proposed Amnesty International International Council policy calling for the decriminalisation of sex work released at the Amnesty International Australia AGM held in Sydney last weekend, has been roundly condemned by human rights, womens’ and Survivor groups and Amnesty members all over the world.

The policy will be decided on by the International Board at a meeting in Dublin in August.

This is an appalling abuse of due process by the Amnesty International Council and for an organisation that has become increasingly top down in its consultation processes with members.  The International Secretariat previously admitted after receiving responses in…

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In Defense of Exclusivity

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