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Dans les bordels des camps nazis

What happened to lesbians in concentration camps? Another bad excuse for rape and sexual violence on women erased from history- I am beginning to suspect, it is erased so it can continue as business as usual. Rape and Domestic violence are hate crimes on women.

Sans Compromis

A l’occasion des 70 ans de la libération du camp d’Auschwitz-Birkenau, le 27 janvier 1945, revenons sur la double violence du système prostitueur forcé à l’intérieur des camps nazis. Les femmes qui sont “choisies” sont des prisonnières non-juives, dites “asociales” (dont des homosexuelles). Les nazis promettent, pour encourager certaines à se prostituer, d’être libérées au bout de 6 mois, ce qui ne sera évidement pas le cas. Elles sont destinées aux prisonniers non racisés, non juifs, les plus méritants, de manière à ne pas créer de solidarité entre ces derniers et d’augmenter le rythme de productivité. Des bordels sont spécialement destinés aux SS, d’autres pour les ouvriers des camps. 

Encore une dimension de l’histoire concernant les femmes, qui est trop souvent tue, “dont la violence est minimisée pour rester concentrer sur l’horreur”. 


Revenons sur cet article de Libération, datant du 10/09/2009 :

Dans le camp d’extermination d’Auschwitz-Birkenau, à peine franchi le tristement célèbre portail «Arbeit Macht Frei»

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Trans Vandals Deface the Gay “Stonewall Monument” with Insane Blackface to protest a Movie they Have Not Seen

Anti-gay activists attack and put wigs and bras on statues of gay men. Perhaps the message was: if gay men want to be gay, they need to become trans first, and identify as women- Or else!.


blackface stonewall “Trans Woman of Color”?

A gaggle of deranged caucasian Tumblerites (or as I like to call them, Brooklyn Genderqueers) has painted ghastly blackface on statues commemorating the historic gay riot at the Stonewall Inn, turning the figures into the most offensive lawn jockeys* imaginable. They were protesting a film that has not yet been released, and that they have not seen: the upcoming Hollywood drama “Stonewall”. Based on movie trailers, Transgender activists complain that they anticipate the film’s depiction of events that occurred at the predominantly gay white male establishment might be too gay and too white.

The 1969 Stonewall Riot occurred in New York’s Greenwich Village when gay patrons spontaneously refused to submit to a routine police raid of the venue. Lesbian and Gay public establishments were illegal back then and those caught in them were arrested, prosecuted for “indecency”, and their names published in the newspaper, “outing” them…

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New scale for diagnosing autogynephilia is very telling

autogynephilia is the end of the spectrum of internet-porn addiction.

The truth about AUTOGYNEPHILIA

Bruce Jenner and most all the other dress-up boys Bruce Jenner and most all the other dress-up boys

This article is sort of specialized to research methodology, but it tells a lot about the different manifestations of autogynephilia and what’s going through these guys’ heads.

Hsu KJ, Rosenthal AM, Bailey JM. The Psychometric Structure of Items Assessing Autogynephilia. Arch Sex Behav. 2014 Oct 3.  Link to download below.

Autogynephilia is a man’s paraphilic tendency to be sexually aroused by the thought or image of himself as a woman (Blanchard, 1989a). Autogynephilia can be conceptualized as an erotic target location error, which involves mislocating a preferred erotic target within one’s own body or internalizing an external erotic target (Blanchard, 1991; Freund & Blanchard, 1993; Lawrence, 2009). In the case of autogynephilia, a man who is otherwise sexually attracted to women mislocates them within himself and is thus sexually attracted to the act or the fantasy of resembling or…

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Un finale che non avremmo voluto vedere #Amnesty2015

Nuvolette di pensieri


Amnesty 2015. Alla fine è andata così. Lo staff di Amnesty brinda, ma è a dir poco macabro brindare in questa occasione. C’è poco da fare, hanno fatto un enorme pacco regalo all’industria del commercio di sesso in tutte le sue forme.

“The resolution recommends that Amnesty International develop a policy that supports the full decriminalization of all aspects of consensual sex work.”

Papponi e clienti inclusi. Altro che difesa dei diritti umani, qui gli unici ad essere difesi sono coloro che usano e vendono le donne.

Abbiamo la solita illusione secondo cui l’intento è di proteggere le persone che sono in prostituzione, per la maggior parte donne e bambine, sì proprio bambine:

“The policy will also call on states to ensure that sex workers enjoy full and equal legal protection from exploitation, trafficking and violence.”

Ma tutti noi sappiamo che nei paesi che hanno regolamentato, l’unico risultato evidente è…

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Derrick Jensen: Liberals and the New McCarthyism

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Library page of PDF articles about “gender identity” fakeness and autogynephilia reality

The truth about AUTOGYNEPHILIA

transbook Male transgenderists hate knowing what science clearly shows: that an obsessive masturbation fantasy is the root of their “gender identity.”

Contrary to what transgenderite cult members and their crooked enablers say, there is a ton of science to show that “innate gender identity” is fake and that autogynephilia is real. I have previously posted most of these articles and books on various pages of this site but to make them more accessible, I’m going to post them all here on one page. You can download the PDFs from the links.

This is far from “all” the research — there’s plenty more. If there are other articles you’d like to see, I can probably get hold of them and could post them here.


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