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Defining ‘Transgender’


The inspiration from this one came from Margie, a commenter on Gender Trender, on this post

about a really bogus survey that is definitely Fake Social Science Research and propaganda for the transgender ideology.  The original post is by Elizabeth Hungerford, but if you read it on Gender Trender you get to read all the entertaining comments. 😊

Big thank you to Margie, I used some of her own phrases.


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Men, transwomen, and gaslighting

Gender Is War

How many times has a man tried to tell me who I really am and how I should feel? How many times have they lost it when I rejected their bullshit and showed them my boundaries?  Often enough to make me a fucking expert on the subject.

I’m intimately familiar with claims that when I say no it’s abuse, and when I refuse to back down to their aggression, I’m victimizing them. That withholding my support and validation is destroying their lives. Typically these claims are shouted from close range, with balled fists and red faces.

That’s why I have this weird deja vu about some of the men who identify as women. Actually I don’t care how they identify. But wait — not caring is not an option. I have to loudly admire their choice, or I’m being abusive. I have to center their needs in my…

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Transgender Passenger‘s huge erection triggers airport security alert From TSA scan, penis denial gets him put in a room for fear of a stashing a weapon :/

Transgender Passenger‘s huge erection triggers airport security alert From TSA scan, penis denial gets him put in a room for fear of a stashing a weapon :/

His Tweets have caused an uproar over #TravelingWhileTrans

Source: Transgender Passenger Protests ‘Denigrating’ Treatment From TSA

Archived here in PERFECT makeup that doesn’t run!

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Kinkshaming Cameron-A guest post.

David Cameron is a whore and like any other politician, always will be.

If you don’t support guys doing sex acts with body parts from a deceased corpse of a non consenting party , according to 3rd wave feminism, you are being sex-negative.

3rd waver: I can’t believe in this day and age someone slut shamed him for necrophiliac bestiality.

Hey, slut-shame him all you want, but just know-he is the only ‘TRUE’ Pansexual in the village.


Why the revelations about the Prime Minister’s sexual history have been mishandled and ultimately present a danger to EVERYONE’S sexual freedom.


If you are a UK citizen, you will no doubt already be aware that David Cameron, 69th wave feminist and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, engaged in consensual relations with a pig’s head as a young man.

The story is a familiar one to anyone who has attended a UK university in the last 30 years. Lubricated by a few bottles of Bollinger, university students will often avail themselves of the services of Pig Sex Workers (PSWs) and, through the exchange of money, have consensual sex with them. This is actually good for these pigs. Some of them, such as the one Cameron had completely consensual oral intercourse with, do not even have bodies, let alone an independent source of income. By shaming Cameron and others like him…

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Why you may not be trans if you have an Eating Disorder, it could be just BDD

Characteristics of ED driven BDD/BID
BDD is a body-image disorder characterized by persistent and intrusive preoccupations with an imagined or slight defect in one’s appearance, or obsession with the imagined self being more real, and a disconnect with reality. ED’s are arguably coping mechanisms of stress driven BID.

It can become overwhelming to the point of trying to make your self into a different person, turn yourself into a younger person who can start over, or embracing the false belief that you are meant to be the opposite sex.

People with BDD can dislike any part of their body/face/self, although they often find fault with their hair, skin, nose, chest, race, sex or stomach/thigh/muscle size.

In reality, a perceived defect may be only a slight imperfection, normal attribute[for race/sex] or a nonexistent imagined extreme. Micheal Jackson was obsessed with making himself resemble a Caucasian and had plastic surgery on his nose until it was falling off.

Plastic surgery addictions are driven by BDD. This applies to Facial femininazation surgery[another post in it’s self].
But for someone with BDD, they claim the flaw is SO significant and prominent, it is causing severe emotional distress and difficulties in daily functioning. There is a strong compulsion to hurt your self in an illogical attempt to launch a complete change that exists outside of reality.
With anorexia/bulimia/obesity[caused by nervous overeating], it is perceived that lack of bodily controls brings unwanted consequences. For females- All three conditions can be caused by trauma by sexual predation from males before, or around puberty. Why put them all together? The most common trigger mechanism of ED has this as a root cause.

In this instance:
Anorexia carries the fear of attracting sexual pursuits and wanting to revert and withdraw to a safe place- or disappear back into a safe sex-less childhood before the abuse began. At puberty, it is a protest to being forced into the breeding second class. Most young women have plans for the future, but are put through peer-driven rape culture, religion and a social refocusing of their efforts to center on pleasing males and abandoning life dreams/goals to pursue a ‘good’ husband/provider. It is literally a self attempt to save one’s self from a slaves’ life. Religion is often used to force girls to abandon higher goals, if their determination is too strong.  The fear of never owning a home is often pushed an implanted in young females at this time. Many young women become aware of the wage gap and realize that our ‘fair, ‘equal’ society insures that larger majority of women are kept in positions where they can never afford a nice home, or live in poverty if they choose to live without men, or pursue independent goals.

With bulimia , it is more associated with OCD. Bulimics have different levels and states of severity. There is mainly a ‘punishing type of bulimia, and a rewarding type of bulimia . Some starve themselves until, they can’t take it, eat something- then try to throw up as much of it as they can. This is the punishing form of bulimia. Hunger pains are dealt with by dredging up memories of sexist criticism, and punishing one’s self for being a target or being born female. In Other forms, it is pursued as medicating one’s self with the only non-sexual/non-drug pleasure to offset depression/stress; pleasure-eating is completely enjoyed, overdone, and the prolonged vomiting that follows- brings a euphoric state that
releases the bulimic from altering weight. The euphoria is natural and dissipates the worst depressive states for hours with no side effect.

With some forms of obesity from compulsive overeating, it is hiding from abusers, creating a defense and soothing the one inside that was hurt. Males tend to avoid victims they can not over power. Making yourself larger offers protection. It is counter-productive to separate these ED sufferers from anorexia/bulimia to think that redirecting them to weight loss will help. Often, they will replace one addiction for another- the very same way an anorexic will when they are put on a ‘gaining weight’ diet. When the root causes of these disorders are dealt with, self-harming behaviors tend to dissipate. They began to separate this group of women from the others, because the medical field has lost its way in perusing recovery/acceptance and the weight loss business has become a snake oil business pushing temporary treatments. The forced-fattening treatments resulted in more self-harming in Anorexics, I lost respect for many ‘experts’ when they gave this group of ED sufferer’s the brush off.

The additional causes of BDD are unclear, but certain biological and environmental factors may contribute to its development, including genetic predisposition, neuro biological factors such as malfunctioning of serotonin in the brain, personality traits, and life experiences.

People with BDD suffer from obsessions about their appearance that can last for hours or up to an entire day. Hard to resist or control, these obsessions make it difficult for people with BDD to focus on anything but their imperfections. This can lead to low self-esteem, avoidance of social situations, and problems at work or school or even Inability to hold a job.

People with severe BDD may avoid leaving their homes altogether and may even have thoughts of suicide or make a suicide attempt. Many abandon their families pursuing an unrealistic short term escape they hope will last.

BDD sufferers may perform some type of compulsive or repetitive behavior to try to hide or improve their flaws- although these behaviors usually give only temporary relief. As soon as one goal is reached, another worry is the focus, and it never ends.

Examples are listed below:

camouflaging (with body position, clothing, makeup, hair, hats, etc.)
comparing body part to others’ appearance
seeking surgery
checking in a mirror
avoiding mirrors
skin picking
excessive grooming
excessive exercise
changing clothes excessively

Let me add-
* Tweezing hairs one by one, and constant hair removal, there is an obsession with removing body hair

*Area focus; female Anorexics/bulimia/overeaters can be driven to Obsessive Compulsive dieting behaviors for basic  reasons:
1. victim of child sexual abuse/rape that wishes to hide the female body that drew unwanted attention /and or male sexual predation-they may blame themselves for[anorexia/overeating]

2.trying to delay their induction into the ‘lesser human’ servant class or unconsciously attempting to avoid the situation altogether using focal points to hide the female body in various ways.

a. Constant focus of Thigh proportions,[and this deserves a post of its’ own;]*

b. Getting too big to be a little target[coping mechanism with childhood sexual abuse]

c. dislike of breasts, and hiding them. This doesn’t mean you want to be a ‘man’, Sometimes it is triggered by contumaciously rebelling the fact – that the larger your breasts have become, the less you are talked to as a person-

and people in general seem to lose any interest in viewing you as anything other than a breeding vessel, or the butt of sexual jokes[via normalized rape culture], etc..

Young males are encouraged to focus on adolescent female changes to help cope with their own insecurities over male changes in puberty, at the expense of the young female human’s self esteem. This is why it is a bad idea to let boys invade women’s spaces with excuses. Many females may develop eating disorders from boys teasing them about their periods, getting breasts, gaining weight, acne, etc.

Male children are basically being taught that their fellow female classmates, are their for the entertainment of male students, whether the females consent to be or not.

BDD and Other Mental Health Disorders
People with BDD commonly also suffer from the anxiety disorders  obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) or social anxiety disorder, as well as depression and eating disorders.

BDD can also be misdiagnosed as one of these disorders because they share  similar symptoms. The intrusive thoughts and repetitive behaviors exhibited in BDD are similar to the obsessions and compulsions of OCD.

And avoiding social situations is similar to the behavior of some people with social anxiety disorder.

So, is it BID?
for adults:
for adolecents:

It may be.

*About thighs:

The thigh bone, or femur, is the longest bone in the human body. It finds its root in Latin—the outer thigh was known as the femar, the inner thigh the femen. The Latin word femina springs from the same root. The Romans considered thighs inherently female. Femina is also intimately connected with the Greek word phemi, meaning a
woman’s ability to speak with grace.

During the Victorian era, it was considered improper, if not downright scandalous, to utter “thigh” out loud in mixed company. When chicken thighs were served, they were referred to as “dark meat” a sexist Victorian term that survives to this day.

Victorian References to women’s biology was toted as ‘pornographic’-

Today, in 2015, references to women’s biology is toted as ‘transphobic’

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The Doctors and the Trans Kids

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Part-time Women

So true.



This is straight out of Gender Hurts, a book by Sheila Jefferys. There are actual men like this and under Britain’s 2004 Gender Identity Act they can be legally considered women.

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U.S. Trans Survey and methodological flaws, or “garbage in, garbage out”

Sex matters.

The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) has launched a campaign to gather information about trans identified people called the U.S. Trans Survey. The intent may be noble, but the data collection methods leave much to be desired. Here is some background on the project from its organizers (emphasis added):

[The U.S. Trans Survey] is the follow up to the groundbreaking National Transgender Discrimination Survey, which was conducted by the National Center for Transgender Equality and the National LGBTQ Task Force in 2009, and examined the lives of over 6,400 trans people in the U.S. The results were released in a 2011 report called Injustice At Every Turn. As the single-most cited study about trans people, it has changed how the public understands the challenges facing our community.

That last sentence is the crux of what bothers me. An internet based questionnaire is the single-most cited “study” about trans people? Are…

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First kittens, now cupcakes…

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Sex change and reverse inference

Sorry dudes, but lady-brain claims are actually false and brain chemistry is a complex part of human biology

One of my favourite things to rant about to a captive audience of undergraduate students during my lectures is reverse inference, especially in the context of how the popular press covers neuroscience research. What is reverse inference, I hear you ask? It’s when results which measure changes in a physiological measure (e.g., brain structure or function) are interpreted as automatically implying a change in cognition or behaviour. This might seem a little…abstract. But some recent reporting on how testosterone (administered for sex change) alters various structural properties of the brain provides a timely demonstration of this common error.

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