Contradictions in transgender theory part 2: Schrödinger’s socialization

Exactly, it is all about extremely mentally ill males that really hate women and want them to go away. This movement, that only started 70 years ago, are so eager to erase females[50% of the worlds population] from the record of human existence.

Transgender Reality

Are there any differences between transwomen and women? Not according to many online trans activists. Trans women are women! they say, and declare that penises can be female and vulvas can be male, as we saw in a previous post.

Feminists have pointed out that even if some people born with penises go on to call themselves women and “live as women”, whatever this means, they still have grown up as men, and received male socialization. This means they are likely more aggressive, more assertive, and more confident. Their male socialization makes women wary of them, because many women have very negative experiences with people who have been socialized male.

Their male socialization also means that they often have had an advantage early in life, because males are socialized to be more confident, take up more room, and to develop their skills in traditionally “male” areas.

This idea is…

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