Kinkshaming Cameron-A guest post.

David Cameron is a whore and like any other politician, always will be.

If you don’t support guys doing sex acts with body parts from a deceased corpse of a non consenting party , according to 3rd wave feminism, you are being sex-negative.

3rd waver: I can’t believe in this day and age someone slut shamed him for necrophiliac bestiality.

Hey, slut-shame him all you want, but just know-he is the only ‘TRUE’ Pansexual in the village.


Why the revelations about the Prime Minister’s sexual history have been mishandled and ultimately present a danger to EVERYONE’S sexual freedom.


If you are a UK citizen, you will no doubt already be aware that David Cameron, 69th wave feminist and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, engaged in consensual relations with a pig’s head as a young man.

The story is a familiar one to anyone who has attended a UK university in the last 30 years. Lubricated by a few bottles of Bollinger, university students will often avail themselves of the services of Pig Sex Workers (PSWs) and, through the exchange of money, have consensual sex with them. This is actually good for these pigs. Some of them, such as the one Cameron had completely consensual oral intercourse with, do not even have bodies, let alone an independent source of income. By shaming Cameron and others like him…

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