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She THINX Underwear


Menstruation is a natural part of life, but it has long been and continues to be stigmatized. For many women, there’s nothing worse than a noticeable leak during their period. But alongside the stigma-fueled embarrassment and shame, problems like lack of access to feminine hygiene products remain prevalent, especially in the developing world. Some girls in Uganda, for example, miss roughly 11% of their academic year because of their periods, according to a report on menstrual management. (Natascha Noman)

I find this an awesome invention. I hope it will improve many girls’ and women’s lives, especially in the developing world!

Read more about the ‘magic’ THINX underwear and how it works here or watch the whole story of the three feminist geniuses’ invention:

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‘Tangerine’ London film premiere hit by Lesbian Nation protest


tangerine premier london

Filmgoers attending this weekend’s London premiere of ‘Tangerine’, Sean S. Baker‘s independent film shot on modified iPhone, were greeted by stickers and flyers distributed by a group of women calling themselves “Lesbian Nation”. The group protested the film’s depiction of extreme misogyny and the normalization of male violence and brutality against women. ‘Tangerine’ features an extended sequence of a man repeatedly slapping, battering, dragging and lifting a kidnapped woman, violence which goes on for several scenes and is played for laughs: because the male perpetrator is a “transwoman”.

Women are referred to as “fish” by the male protagonists throughout the film, also played for laughs in what the filmmakers describe as a “transgender revenge comedy”.

An excerpt from the (not terribly feminist) review: “[C]ertain aspects of the story are—as Internet thinkpieces are found of saying—problematic, particularly the violence that [male actor] Sin-Dee inflicts on Dinah, grabbing and dragging…

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#I AIN’T CAIT : The “Start of a New Trans Movement” Say Jenner Protesters


Monica James expresses dissatisfaction with white heterosexual millionaire republican crossdresser representation Protester Monica James expresses dissatisfaction with racist white heterosexual millionaire republican crossdresser representation amidst Jenner’s grinning smug white men handlers.

Two black male transwomen, two white lesbian non-binaries, and one white male autogynephile set the genderist world on its ear last night when the handful of protesters upstaged Caitlyn Jenner’s appearance at a $500 a plate benefit for the Chicago House, a non-profit founded to provide case management and services for individuals with HIV and AIDS. Like many such agencies the HIV funding is now being redirected to provide hormones to transgender individuals.

chicago house

The Jenner event was hosted by ESPN commentator Chris “Christine” Kahrl, a white heterosexual male homphobe best known to GenderTrender readers as the fellow who called MMA fighter Tamika Brents a “noisy” black woman whose hospitalization with career ending injuries following her bout with male fighter Fallon Fox was her “just desserts” for excluding males from her…

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