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Sole-Platforming Julie Bindel

best speech ever.

make me a sisterwich

All Julie. Just Julie. My favorite salty feminist firebrand participated in a panel discussion on “The Personal Is Political: Is Identity Politics Eating Itself?” I’m interested only in Bindel’s remarks. I edited the video accordingly.

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products for men, sexism in ads

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Misogyny-MANgoporno flavor kultish Kool-Aid punch in the mouth!


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Olympic Committee eliminates medical “gender change” requirement for male athletes who want to compete in women’s sports

Women forced out of sports for men that don’t want to compete with other men.


Bruce Jenner Bruce Jenner

Results of last November’s “Consensus Meeting on Sex Reassignment and Hyperandrogenism” which decided changes to Olympic eligibility policies have been posted on the IOC website. And the winner is…. Men.

Aliana Hardie- submission wrestler/boxer Aliana Hardie- submission wrestler/boxer

Under the previous guidelines, male athletes who wished to compete in women’s events were required to provide proof of legal gender change and evidence of surgical gonad removal followed by two years of estrogen treatments.The new guidelines do away with all of that. Under the new guidelines, any male can compete in women’s events with no legal gender change and no medical treatment whatsoever, on the basis of his declaration alone: he must declare that he believes himself to possess a “female” personality or mentality. The one caveat is that his testosterone levels must remain in the lower range of typical male levels (<10 nmol/L) for the duration of one year. Men…

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The truth about AUTOGYNEPHILIA

Famous former athlete and Hollywood casualty Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner is the latest paraphilic fool to fall through the tranny trap door. Famous former athlete and Hollywood casualty Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner is the latest paraphilic fool to fall through the tranny trap door.

Men with the obsessive & masturbatory paraphilic fantasy to “become women” have autogynephilia. These female impersonators, mostly white guys, come from all walks of life and apart from their sexual fetish and extreme narcissism may not seem to have much in common. However, it has been shown that men with one paraphilia tend also to have other paraphilias — in other words, autogynephiliacs often have other strange sexual kinks. They are usually men who are sexually interested in women, often are married and have young kids, and from a superficial external view seemed mostly like “normal” heterosexual men. Then one day they announce their bizarre obsession to the world, and it’s all downhill from there. Here are some faces of everyday autogynephiles. kosilek

Robert “Michelle” Kosilek killed his wife…

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I wasn’t like other girls. I liked pokemon, I liked Dragonball Z

“I wasn’t like other girls. I liked pokemon, I liked Dragonball Z”

All based on sexist stereotypes. What this person is saying is that it is impossible for girls to like cars, video games, etc. and girls only are interested in having babies and looking pretty for men.

This type of attitude keeps women out of high paying trades like auto repair, becoming pilots, or even studying to become doctors.

Transgender Reality

A young person talks about discovering their true nature as a boy:

Transcription, from 0:11 to 5:40

Today I’m going to be talking about how I knew I was trans. Probably back in the 3rd grade when I started realizing that I wasn’t like other girls. I just loved Pokemon, I loved Dragonball Z, I loved…I didn’t really like Dragonball Z. I liked the…Bayblades, I liked, you know, things like that. Things that you don’t find in the girl’s section of the toy store. Of course I didn’t know I was trans at that time, I just knew that I…didn’t like doing what other girls liked doing. I hated makeup. I hated pink. I hated dresses. I literally cried at my 8th grade graduation cause my mom forced me to wear a dress. I cried. Like full-blown, tears crying tantrum, I cried. Like, cried. There are several…

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“Assigned Male” doesn’t understand female biology

On behalf of women brutalized in war[that have nothing to do with the conflict- yet their numbers far surpass the solders on both sides], women killed in domestic violence on a daily basis through femicide, girls that are killed at birth for being female, – and women that are victims of FGM- mainly due to ‘biology’, -really, fuck you dude.

Gender Is War

Thanks to E. Hungerford.

mansplaining women

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Gay aging: Study says internalized gay ageism affects gay men as they get older.

Aren’t many straight men making this claim as to why young women in their late teens/20s are not attracted to them? The problem is men that want complete control of a relationship- think that young people outside of their age group should be expected to date them. Men feel they have more control over a person 20 or so- years younger than them. It is a form of domination and male privilege.

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

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“You bitch how dare you wake up in the morning as a girl”: more jealousy and anger towards women

This is a scary type of man that hates women.

Transgender Reality

In a previous post we saw how common it is to feel jealousy, resentment, even anger, towards women, among men who either wish to transition or are actively transitioning. There are so many examples of this that it merits a follow-up post.

I’ve been extremely jealous of women and their bodies from about puberty“:


This poster feels confused about the difference between envy and attraction:



Right now, I hate women, and I’m not sure why“. Also, “cis women” have it easier.


From the comments: “I taught myself to hate and fear everything feminine”. Also, being a girl is like swimming downstream.


too many beautiful women. I hate them all“:


From the comments: “When girls flirt with me it pisses me off”.


More from the comments: “you bitch how dare you wake up in the morning as a girl with no effort”.


Teenage girls are…

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Help stop trans activist propaganda in global health policy-making

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