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Human Genetics Revolution Tells Us That Men and Women Are Not the Same

being an XX female has advantages,  Men attempting to clone themselves still have to use a female egg that contains 9-11% of the female doners’ DNA. If a woman clones herself using her own egg, she will be a 100% cloned copy of the original, .Men can not be cloned 100%. Only women have this option/significance of possible medical immortality.

What a significance lost on the pursuit to focus on male biology.

DNAeXplained - Genetic Genealogy

Stop laughing.  I know, my initial reaction too was, “really – it took genetics to tell us that?”  But this is serious….really.

Males are 99.9% the same when compared to other males, and females are as well when compared to other females, but males and females are only 98.5% equal to each other – outside of the X and Y chromosomes.  The genetic difference between men and women is 15 times greater than between two men or two women.  In fact, it’s equal to that of men and male chimpanzees.  So men really are from….never mind.  It’s OK to laugh now…

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We’ve been taught that other than X and Y, males and females are genetically exactly the same.  They aren’t.

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Does this matter?  Dr. David Page, Director of the Whitehead Institute and MacArthur Genius Grant winner, says it absolutely does.  He has discovered that both the X and Y chromosomes function throughout…

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