Women’s Marches Across the Globe: WLRN’s Edition 11 Podcast

Women’s Liberation Radio News

This is WLRN’s March 2nd edition covering the women’s marches that occurred all over the world on January 21st, 2017. Women took to the streets in the millions. It is a digest edition, a blanket, a weaving of what women do when we get together in our womanhood and sisterhood. Hear coverage of the marches from on-the-ground and in the streets of London, Madison, Seattle and DC. Hear comparisons of experiences at the different locations and analyses of this herstoric moment.

Featured music by Alix Dobkin & Bread and Roses, a group that sang Meredith Tax’s “Battle Hymn of the Women” in 1970.

Interviews with radical and lesbian feminists young and old! This is our most grassroots episode yet! Enjoy! And as always, please like, share and comment widely.

We are still hoping to get WLRN station shirts! Check out our t-shirt page and make a donation to WLRN today!…

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