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OOPPS! SORRY BRO! I thought you were a woman! I see that you are a Male human with rights that deserves respect. If you were some bitch though, …….[This is what Male Privilege looks like]


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April 10, 2017 · 6:56 pm

Male Transgender/Transsexual Sexual Offenses and Violent Crimes List

oh yea, like it “never” happens

Wolf Woman of the Northern Woods

This post isn’t fully finished. Please feel free to leave any reports I haven’t listed, I know there are a lot more voyeurism cases I haven’t found yet. I will try to update with new reports.

Sexual assault/Violence statistics:

Bills only recently introduced to deal with non-consensual electric recordings and revenge porn: 


Attacks/offenses directed specifically toward women and girls are highlighted in red.

Attacks/offenses made against both men and women highlighted in purple.

The rest either have male or unknown sex of the victims.

Some of the child abuse cases do not indicate the sex of the child. Some articles report male trans offenders as “women”, which makes it difficult for the general population to be aware of male trans violence, by obscuring male violence as female violence. Most of these crimes were committed by male transgender ‘women’, post-op transsexuals, or those who…

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